After many years of possibly doing something with AmericanIndianArt.com I have decided to sell and give someone else the chance.  There have been many offers, but at the time I had no intention of selling.

There is only one AmericanIndianArt.com domain name so this could be a goldmine for the right idea.  From offers in the past I have heard from everything such as an Auction Site to Galleries to people that wanted to use it as an advertising site (Pay to click) for the Tens of Thousands of businesses that deal in American Indian Art.

If interested in making an offer for the site, please email me at
If you are looking for a cheap site, this is not a cheap domain, as has been expressed in previous offers that I turned down.  So put your realistic offer together before sending.  If you insult the site with a rediculous offer, then you will not get a reply.